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Emely is a nice big fucking heavily tattooed girl from Austria, leading to a not at its finest and very much like walking around barefoot on the other. On the morning of our shoot She's already appeared with some dirty feet with me, which of course surprised me something that I found you when I had you picked up at the train station, but the explanation was wearing shoes close to you had only recently and is two hours before a barefoot rumgewetzt. But to get back on the shooting, then we have photographed a few different things, pinup, partially nude and fetish (no foot fetish) and how it has come after a while you need after a while sometimes ne little break. I had marshmallows because (I I know looking matrimonial knows you as marshmallows, or Necker kisses, which indeed is to offend anyone, but somehow sounds nice, but is now no longer politically correct of course I Emely also which offered you also has tried directly, but it is not gone. still in the shooting outfit of the series of which it has it gone the little brown things with their feet to make plaat and rumzusauen. What I naturally kept with the camera man that was tacky. but look yourself