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Mia in the snow 1
Mia in the snow 2

With Mia I have done up to now two shoots , the second was today, when we have so much snow and it's freezing cold . Today I had the idea that one time a barefoot snow could make shooting so I did that shoot out to tender and Mia has reported this, so we met shortly thereafter in the snow. I had Mia brought for the shoot a couple of wooden clogs so you do not have to stand in the cold , wet snow the whole time and a warm dry towel for after the shoot . So flights are moved from the warm shoes and socks and slipped into the wooden clogs that do not anblieben but after visiting on a swing also long, so you now had to deal with your delicate , pretty little feet right through the cold snow . It was so cold that it is not long endured and we broke off the shoot.
The feet were first warmed with the towel and home on the heater , or should I better say thawed . Despite all this was an experience through which you will be glad to have dared .