Nicholas Crushing with Linda 0
Nicholas Crushing with Linda 1
Nicholas Crushing with Linda 2

Watch out, tomorrow is Nicholas. As was the last event (Halloween) we offer you again a special page . But not this time with the well- kipper Mari, but with just as popular Linda our little Swedens .

Last days I 'm with Linda went off again to get a bit of Christmas feeling and we are therefore left in the Weihnachtsdekoabteilung a large Swedish furniture store , of course, true to style barefoot in clogs, or wooden clogs which is a bit conspicuous at this season . Two people walking barefoot in wooden shoes , but what , it was fun because so soon Nicholas is , I've Linda a chocolate Santa Claus gift , but somehow you have misunderstood something , what is there . Well hardly get out of the store, in the parking lot of Chocolate with his feet was heavily edited , what was so easy because of the wooden clogs woman is so out quickly hatched and then had to suffer damn the little guy , crush into a thousand pieces of tender feet he lay there or on the floor stuck to the sweet soles and between the toes. But look at the Just himself and soon a beautiful new series barefoot in clogs with Linda, because now you got three pairs of wooden clogs and straight a few new clogs , so it's not quite so cold to the adjustable feet in winter. For other shoes and socks you do not like so real. However, Linda has also a small Christmas wish can perhaps meet you, you still would like a few more clogs and maybe one of you like your give what we would certainly reward with an exclusive series on CD for the noble donor.