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This time we have a very special treat, ne pretty Amazon with sword and body in permissive leather. Well Amazons are wild and dangerous but we have finally tamed you is in chains at the bottom.

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 We used to still produce a nice new winter series for you time. Well ok, that was connected with some difficulties, because snowy and icy roads that are not plowed make , so every trip to nem shoot a little harder ... The daily Vero has once again reported at me , she called me and asked me if I could not pick up on the road , they would have been traveling in heels and would have been placed on the nose and now his arm in plaster and would not after home. Of course I could not let you down and picked her up fix . She stood barefoot with their heels in her hand in the snow in front of a surgical doctor's office and was pleased extensively to come into my warm car and warm up their feet. Since she has anyway already made a few series for us, I thought I ask her several times if you do not fix also wanted to make small ne Winter Series in the snow? What a question , of course they wanted to , so we are now in the beautiful , cold, white snow and have photographed her delicate feet in both heels as well as totally barefoot in the snow for you. But see myself as her delicate little feet have become red from the cold. Later I had to warm up again once the little feet with a ausgieben massage. But one thing is sure for the winter Vero can not be bothered more .


Cinderella and the fruit gums 0
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Cinderella and the fruit gums 2

Cinderella, student and amateur model short term standing in for a different model, so that the planned for Saturday studio shoot had not burst. Since it was your first foot shooting we simply times played around a bit. First, we simply photographed only their cash and little feet are then passed over heels to control various fruit gums with which she has played around in front of the camera. As a grand finale of the shoot, a cake was also gecrushed, but you have already seen.

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Linda with white clogs in the snow 2

After it has become a little quieter lately to our Linda, we can use a new winter series come up for you, you sure as when and where we have produced to date asks you, because in the Ruhr yes is still no snow , but features had last winter more than enough snow for us in the offer. As you know wears Linda yes even in the winter like their wooden clogs barefoot and since you had straight get some new white MB clogs you wanted to try the times directly outside. Well what can of course with so much snow , of course not missing, ne little snowball fight. Linda said, namely to take the photographer under attack. Here you wurds naturally powerful warm, so you first her bare little feet kinda had to cool down in the snow. So if that is not pure Winter Feeling and the hearts of all Holzclogsfans beat faster , then I do not know. Maybe yes also offers this winter have a bit of snow for us

Mia in the snow

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With Mia I have done up to now two shoots , the second was today, when we have so much snow and it's freezing cold . Today I had the idea that one time a barefoot snow could make shooting so I did that shoot out to tender and Mia has reported this, so we met shortly thereafter in the snow. I had Mia brought for the shoot a couple of wooden clogs so you do not have to stand in the cold , wet snow the whole time and a warm dry towel for after the shoot . So flights are moved from the warm shoes and socks and slipped into the wooden clogs that do not anblieben but after visiting on a swing also long, so you now had to deal with your delicate , pretty little feet right through the cold snow . It was so cold that it is not long endured and we broke off the shoot.
The feet were first warmed with the towel and home on the heater , or should I better say thawed . Despite all this was an experience through which you will be glad to have dared .

Vero barefoot in the City 0
Vero barefoot in the City 1
Vero barefoot in the City 2

We start in the new year with ner great outdoor barefoot series with Vero .
You might know yes Vero from one of our previous series and know that although they like to wearing heels , but especially like to walk barefoot and in every season . a few days ago Vero asked us if not one of us Bock had to accompany barefoot in the City and the Medieval Christmas Market, superior after recently we agreed and one of us is gone off with Vero and the camera. Vero was of course picked up from my home , where they have good barefoot in front of the door waiting even though the weather was really cold. Just arrived in the city in the car park , Vero looked at my feet which of course put in shoes and said that I should go with her ​​through the beautiful City in solidarity also take off and barefoot . Although it was fresh out and it's certainly not normal that's one is go barefoot in the winter, we were barely noticed by the people and were able to make some nice pictures for you. So enjoy Vero 's dirty soles and a beautiful vorwinterliche series .

Cat Meow 3

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So only a few days and then the 2013 is already over, with all the ups and downs, many horny series and videos of us and we look forward to hopefully a great year in 2014 with our model and with our many loyal fans. That's why we rock the 2013 again with ner really hot and provocative series with our Cat's Meow, we wish the Dirty Feet Girls team a Happy New Year.

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As you all know is now Christmas, Christmas Eve and exactly why we have ne really cool Christmas Series with our Jill photographed for you nem Dirty Feet Girls girl in the first hour. So who is on a sexy pinup girl and wants to spend cool Christmas should receive these gifts with this series itself.

Stevy Christmas woman 0
Stevy Christmas woman 1
Stevy Christmas woman 2

As we soon have Christmas, we thought it was tune in at the time with a nice Christmassy series on the festive days, so now there Stevy as pretty christmas woman in Santa Claus costume, this is some fall and Stevy is topless be seen at the end . Of course, all barefoot, because Stevy is a real barefoot girl.

Mini Chocolate marshmallow crushing with Mallory 0
Mini Chocolate marshmallow crushing with Mallory 1
Mini Chocolate marshmallow crushing with Mallory 2

After we recently already delicious chocolate have gecrushed Santas, small mini marshmallows are time off, yes we know that it is not politically lish korreckt, but so were the names of things in our childhood now times. But what is eiendlich how horny Mallory the little things with their heels makes flat. Well who would not want to lick times paragraphs?