Vero barefoot in the City 0
Vero barefoot in the City 1
Vero barefoot in the City 2

We start in the new year with ner great outdoor barefoot series with Vero .
You might know yes Vero from one of our previous series and know that although they like to wearing heels , but especially like to walk barefoot and in every season . a few days ago Vero asked us if not one of us Bock had to accompany barefoot in the City and the Medieval Christmas Market, superior after recently we agreed and one of us is gone off with Vero and the camera. Vero was of course picked up from my home , where they have good barefoot in front of the door waiting even though the weather was really cold. Just arrived in the city in the car park , Vero looked at my feet which of course put in shoes and said that I should go with her ​​through the beautiful City in solidarity also take off and barefoot . Although it was fresh out and it's certainly not normal that's one is go barefoot in the winter, we were barely noticed by the people and were able to make some nice pictures for you. So enjoy Vero 's dirty soles and a beautiful vorwinterliche series .