CatMeow the somewhat liberal 0
CatMeow the somewhat liberal 1
CatMeow the somewhat liberal 2

CatMeow is something freely, so who is heavily tattooed on small wild kitties is right here. Because you not only plays really wild and hot with the camera, but also shows you the horny little cat paws. Of course, the delicate soles, but beware if you too weak for it since, scratching and biting cats. But if you strongly and should have been hungry for more now ye see the entire series.

Hippie Girl always goes barefoot 0
Hippie Girl always goes barefoot 1
Hippie Girl always goes barefoot 2

This time we have a right at the start Dauerbarfüsserin dachtet the hippie girls are their extinct wrong we have one for you. one has
You only find dreadlocks, flared trousers, colorful painted toenails barefoot and that's even something else in our time where everything is just about the perfect styling. As you can see on their little feet and the appearance, it is almost always barefoot, whether outdoors or indoors and has great feet

Jill plays with ice around 0
Jill plays with ice around 1
Jill plays with ice around 2

Well folks, a small cooling complacent? So I am happy with Jill and a few Erdbeereishörnchen, ok ok the camera was also there. The ice was not only delicious, but after an ice Jill handed the well yours and my little feet, her for a long shooting could use a little cooling off, so ended up an ice cream under her hot little feet. So the ice cream is not only good crush, special cools the exceedingly small feet and leaves them smelling deliciously of strawberry. Too bad you could not be there himself, because that was just awesome and has made NEN huge fun, but see for yourself and let it inspire you.

outdoor dirty soles 0
outdoor dirty soles 1
outdoor dirty soles 2

Mandy is one of our new additions to us, actually it comes from the Pin Up & Retro scene but is also happy barefoot, so she was also at the shoot go barefoot ... We have been traveling a bit in the countryside and Mandy presented me and the camera willingly her pretty little feet. The top it all off you when we came to a playground right past a boarded the swings and thus gave a wonderful view of her beautiful foot soles cheap, but look out for yourself and let yourself be inspired by her.

dirty feet

80 imagesBarefoot
dirty feet 0
dirty feet 1
dirty feet 2

Emely is a nice big fucking heavily tattooed girl from Austria, leading to a not at its finest and very much like walking around barefoot on the other. On the morning of our shoot She's already appeared with some dirty feet with me, which of course surprised me something that I found you when I had you picked up at the train station, but the explanation was wearing shoes close to you had only recently and is two hours before a barefoot rumgewetzt we have of course the same ausgenutz and photographed a cool series for you.

Rubber screw

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Rubber screw 0
Rubber screw 1
Rubber screw 2

So we bring a little time now to paint your colorful winter wonderland, Esca has in recent days with me messing around with my candy beautiful colorful gumdrops snails that you play around gorgeous, rather with their
Feet. It's just cool how your toes with the unrolled snails play or how the snails are hot on their feet.

barefoot in the city part 2 0
barefoot in the city part 2 1
barefoot in the city part 2 2

You know from the very first Milkyway barefoot dirty soles set, this time she is wearing a little tighter, what did it matter that the photos were taken spontaneously go after a long night of partying. Hmm, how is it so was all a little wild and you have somehow lost their heels at night and no longer found, so what's been the end of it, she had to go home barefoot, but made ​​clear what their fun, because they barefoot running very happy. As you can see the soles are really dirty but great.

Crushing with Heels 0
Crushing with Heels 1
Crushing with Heels 2

This shoot with Pupett was also my first with Alex, then amateur photographer still a junior, a stiff semi-pro, I had no desire photographed the one just bare feet I had told the Pupetti even pack a few fetish heels, and I Procure us what for crushing. So I Pupett and Alex and eingpackt ne fresh muskmelon and a few bananas and us be a nice quiet location to crush picked out. So the cameras were unpacked, put on heels and melon maltreated but see for yourself how the melon suffers first and the second part of the bananas must believe it.

Banana crushing with Poupette 0
Banana crushing with Poupette 1
Banana crushing with Poupette 2

This is now the second part of Alex, Pupett and me, wonderful fresh bananas that taste the Pupetti apparently did not, and therefore end up with your, mind you very pretty feet and caught up in your part netzbestrumpften toes. Wonderful as the Bananenpampe between your toes by swells and mixes with the dirt of the ground. Wants to lap up someone?

bare foot in the city with Melanie 0
bare foot in the city with Melanie 1
bare foot in the city with Melanie 2

Melanie is a blonde beauty from the Ruhr, which sometimes like to explore your shoes in the car or at home can be barefoot different cities. This time, she has explored food, rather the inner city, where I was allowed to accompany you with my camera. We were in the car park, in the pedestrian zone, in a field and in a fountain which was a nice cooling for the feet on this summer, but see for yourself what this series offers you.