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This time we have a right at the start Dauerbarfüsserin dachtet the hippie girls are their extinct wrong we have one for you. one has
You only find dreadlocks, flared trousers, colorful painted toenails barefoot and that's even something else in our time where everything is just about the perfect styling. As you can see on their little feet and the appearance, it is almost always barefoot, whether outdoors or indoors and has great feet

easter special

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Well folks, the Easter bunny was already with you, or your still waiting on him? If it is still waiting, then the wait is over, because he was already with us and has created something with our Swedens Linda. The rabbit was old and the eggs were bad not to say not all the way to Linda's taste. And what happens to so nem stuff you see so now own eggs and clogs something can not go so well this is well known, egg salad. But that's a nice thing, because finally comes after the long and cold winter some color to life what the Spring fever awakens in us. In any case, the white clogs fit great with the Colorful Eggs and the tender green of the trees and bushes. In addition to the Easter series, we have also produced a couple of other nice things that are completely in the wood on the trends for 2010 and you can be really excited. In this sense, we wish everyone Happy Easter and a fun egg hunt!

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Melanie is a blonde beauty from the Ruhr, which sometimes like to explore your shoes in the car or at home can be barefoot different cities. This time, she has explored food, rather the inner city, where I was allowed to accompany you with my camera. We were in the car park, in the pedestrian zone, in a field and in a fountain which was a nice cooling for the feet on this summer, but see for yourself what this series offers you.